Young humanitarian aspires to end violence against women in girls in Ethiopia

Aisha is an eighth-grade student. She lost both of her parents and later endured sexual assault from her then guardian. Despite what has happened, Aisha stayed strong and committed to school, working hard to become one of the highest achievers in her class.

Aisha is an active member of her school community and has  a prominent role in rule of law and language therapy clubs. In addition, Aisha helps to lead parent’s day celebrations and community events. She uses her literature skills to deliver important messages regarding gender equality and children’s rights.

After being appointed the chairperson of the school’s gender club, its membership increased from nil to 48. These support clubs help create a safe space for students to report any cases of harassment or safeguarding concerns in the knowledge that they will be handled in confidence and with the utmost respect. The school gender club used to have only female members but with Aisha’s leadership, six male students have signed up to be active members.  Using her friendly character, Aisha approaches her fellow students to share their stories and work together to solve the issues in consultation with school principal and her seniors.

Aisha aspires to be a humanitarian who works on prevention of violence against children and women. She wishes to see a better future for children and women without of any form of abuse or neglect. She wants children to be aware of their rights and actively engage in ensuring that they are always respected.