As we marked 30 years of fighting poverty and injustice, Islamic Relief welcomed the UK Secretary of State for International Development to its international office.

Justine Greening MP met staff and volunteers during a visit to our office in Birmingham, on 1 May, held to coincide with our 30-year anniversary. In a speech, she talked about Islamic Relief’s history and the impact of our work worldwide.

Thirty years of Islamic Relief

“Thirty years ago… the first ever donation to Islamic Relief, kick-started 30 years of work helping the very poorest people across the globe.

“Over those three decades Islamic Relief has exemplified the generosity, kindness and charity of Britain’s Muslim community. Countless families across the world now have access to healthcare, education and a chance for a better life thanks to you.

“From a small humanitarian charity… Islamic Relief has grown into a truly global development agency. And your original humanitarian roots have not been forgotten. Whenever and wherever a disaster unfolds, within days you are likely to see Islamic Relief workers on the ground, delivering supplies, building shelters and saving lives.

“From its beginnings helping those in need during the 1984 Sudan famine to last year’s Typhoon Haiyan, your organisation has been at the forefront of the global response to humanitarian emergencies.”

Read the full speech by Justine Greening MP.

In addition, Islamic Relief Worldwide CEO, Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, and UK Director Jehangir Malik spoke at the event, which also marked 20 years since we became was the first ever Muslim NGO to receive funding from the British government. The government has most recently has pledged £2 million (GBP) to support Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Read the full speech by CEO Dr Mohamed Ashmawey.