Islamic Relief distributes shovels and other aid items in Bosnia

Islamic Relief has delivered aid worth 30,000 Euros (around 24,290 GBP) to people affected by the worst floods to ever hit Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A third of the country is now thought to have been flooded, during heavy rains that also saw a State of Emergency declared in parts of Croatia and Serbia.

Scores died and many thousands were evacuated as floods and landslides cut off communities and left families stranded without access to water or electricity. It is now estimated that around 100,000 homes and other buildings were destroyed or badly damaged in the disaster – with entire villages currently uninhabitable.

Aid items delivered by Islamic Relief since the early days of the crisis include 13,830 bottles of drinking water, as well as equipment essential for rescue and repair efforts – such as shovels and rubber boots. Aid packages, including special kits for babies, were also provided.

With the waters now receding from most of the affected areas, Islamic Relief has committed to supporting the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina as they begin to rebuild their lives.