Islamic Relief has participated in this year’s Global Perspectives conference, an annual global action event that provides a platform for civil society organisations to address some of the most pressing issues facing the world today.

Organised by the International Civil Society Centre, this year’s event was held in Mexico City from 1st to 3rd November, bringing together high level representatives from civil society organisations, politics, the corporate sector and academia.

Speaking at the Global Peers meeting where international CEOs exchange personal and organisational achievements and challenges, Islamic Relief’s CEO, Naser Haghamed, highlighted what a landmark year it has been for the organisation despite the economic, political and environmental pressures felt by the NGO sector. He also called for civil society organisations to unite and speak out about the extent of humanitarian need, while working together to find solutions to their shared problems.

38126292341_9fa1ef294c_z“The challenges we face going forward are many and varied. They include the increasing complexity and politicisation of delivering aid in conflict zones. The increasing impact and unpredictability of our changing climate. A growing backlash in some richer countries against welcoming and supporting refugees…

“These are challenges that the NGO community needs to be united in tackling together. We must find new ways to win corporate and philanthropic support to bolster limited government funding. We must work with our banks to stop funds falling into the wrong hands while ensuring that those living in the most difficult situations receive the funds they so desperately need.

“We must challenge not only Islamophobia but also anti-Semitism, xenophobia and indeed any manifestation of discrimination that threatens marginalised minorities. And we need to fight to secure humanitarian access in a world where rogue states and warring factions increasingly have humanitarians and NGOs in their sights.”

The Global Perspectives 2017 conference engaged 150 participants to devise common strategies to deal with opportunities, challenges and trends which are impacting international civil society organisations. For more details, or to watch sessions online, visit the Global Perspectives 2017 website.

Islamic Relief Worldwide is a core member of the International Civil Society Centre which helps organisations maximise their impact for a sustainable and more equitable world.