Abdi Mohamed Ali, 16, lives in an orphanage in Wajir, Kenya.

“Before I came to the orphanage in 2006, my father was still alive,”Abdi told us when we met him last year. “However, we would sometimes go without food for two to three days. When he passed away life become unbearable, that is when I was admitted to the orphanage.”

Abdi is amongst 135 vulnerable children living at the orphanage. In 2013, Islamic Relief provided the orphanage with 16 Qurbanis, giving the children with a nutritious treat at Eid.

“This is the first time we have received Qurbani [from Islamic Relief]. This has enabled us to celebrate this day in a very special way. I would like to thank you for what you are doing.”

Abdi and his school-friends enjoy a meal made with Qurbani meat.

Abdi and his school-friends enjoy a meal made with Qurbani meat.

Worrying about his family back home

Though Abdi’s basic needs are now provided for, he worries for his mother and siblings.

“When I got sponsorship to stay at the orphanage I was very happy – but I know back home, my family is suffering. My family often goes without food. They rely mainly on hand-outs and support from the government, and if they are not available then they go without food.”

Building a future free from poverty

Education, however, offers Abdi an opportunity to escape poverty and to provide for his family, he says.

“I want to work hard and join a good high school, and later further my studies to pursue a degree in Medicine. I would like to be a doctor so I can help those who are sick. When I get a job, I will help other orphans like me to access education, God willing.”

With your support, Islamic Relief Kenya was able to distribute more than 13,400 Qurbani meat packages last year, benefitting over 80,700 of the poorest people in the country. In 2014, you can help us to reach even more in Kenya and around the world. Give Qurbani with Islamic Relief today.