“We cannot find a safe place for our children to grow up”

Father-of-five Abu Mahmoud and his family have lost everything in Syria’s brutal conflict.

Originally from Hama, Abu Mahmoud, 38, told us they had a good life before the violence began. Then, his home was destroyed, and some of his friends and family lost their lives in the fighting.

“We used to have a normal life but now we miss everything including shelter, safety, water, and education,” he told us as we distributed Ramadan foodpacks in the camp in which the family now live.

Having fled to Turkey, Abu Mahmoud and his family now face an uncertain future as refugees.

“Living in the camp is very difficult for us. Access to food and health services is very difficult, despite the support of charitable organisations.

“We changed camps many times because of over-crowding. We cannot find a good place for our children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment. The scarcity of income and health services has put our lives into limbo. The whole generation is destroyed.’’

Islamic Relief provided Abu Mahmoud with a family food parcel designed to provide relief from hunger during the holy month. The package included rice, bulgar, lentils, flour, tuna and tomatoes as well as olives, cooking oil, ghee, sugar and jam.

“The children are pleased we have food for the holy month. My wife is also happy with this parcel and she keeps giving dua (praying) for those that have helped us. What matters now is the sustainability of the food parcels and assistance.”

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