Thousands of homes were destroyed by flooding in Afghanistan

Heavy rainfall in recent days sparked flash floods across the country’s northern provinces. Authorities report that at least 134 people have lost their lives, and many more are still missing.

Widespread devastation

More than 45,400 Afghans have been affected across 23 provinces. Almost 16,000 people have fled their homes and thousands of houses were destroyed in Sari Pul, Faryab and Jawzjan – the worst affected area, with over 27,000 people impacted. Agricultural land has been destroyed and livestock killed, threatening vital family livelihoods.

It is expected to be some time before the full extent of the devastation is known, as damage to roads and other infrastructure makes it difficult to access some affected communities.

A coordinated response

With impacted people requiring shelter, food and clean water as well as other essential items, Islamic Relief’s initial response will see £10,000 GBP of food items distributed among the most vulnerable.

We are also working with other humanitarian organisations in order to establish a comprehensive emergency relief response.