Islamic Relief Yemen distributes aid to Eritrean refugees

Eritrean refugees have received essential humanitarian aid, in Islamic Relief Yemen’s latest project.

In total, 216 people – including women and children – benefitted from protection assistance such as mattresses, as well as blankets and a food parcel. The package was distributed earlier this month and included flour, rice, milk, sugar, milk and dates.

“This assistance has come at the right time, as we lack food and shelter,” said Omer Ali, 35, a father-of-six, who fled unrest in Eritrea. “The food is keeping us alive. It may last for 15-20 days, and then we do not know what is going to happen.”

Omer and others travelled to Yemen by sea in 2011 – a perilous journey during which people are known to have died – and are waiting to be relocated to a third country. Recently, they moved from Hodeida to Sana’a, the capital, where they struggled without shelter, food or water.

Islamic Relief has been working in Yemen for a decade, and delivers a range of projects designed to ease poverty and suffering in the country.