This Eid al-Adha, some of the world’s poorest families will receive an uplifting gift: your qurbani. For them, your sacrifice brings happiness as well as relief from hunger – and a reminder that others are thinking of them during the holy days.

Over 3 million vulnerable people received qurbani meat distributed by Islamic Relief last year, thanks to your generosity. Together, we can reach even more this Eid.

Seventy-year old Aina, who lives in the Chechen Republic, Russian Federation, was among those to receive a qurbani meat pack last year.

I am blind so I get a pension, and this is what my family lives on,” says Aina, who shares her Grozny home with her daughter, four grandchildren and orphaned niece.

“Unfortunately, no one else in my family has any income,” she explains, adding that her family used to live well before the war but now the “the cost of living has increased and there are no jobs.”

Everyday life is tough for the family, and Aina worries about the future too.

Our home is about to collapse, we don’t have a bathroom and we wash ourselves and the children in the same room in which we live.

“Alhamdulillah, my children and grandchildren are not starving, but I am worried about what will happen to them after I am gone.

“Our family does not get enough meat to eat and my grandchildren look smaller than they should at their age. We often have tea with bread as a main meal, sometimes macaroni and potatoes.

“I need money for medicines and this does not allow me to spend more on food. I pray every day that Allah does not remove us from His care.”

Although Aina has nothing to spare, she takes pleasure in sharing what she can, especially at Eid.

“During Eid we do not have money to buy meat, but I give some sugar to our neighbours,” she says. “I have good neighbours.”

The qurbani beef that she received – one of over 4,600 meat packs we distributed in the Chechen Republic – helped her family celebrate the holy days with tasty meals.

The qurbani meat pack allows us to cook four or five meat dishes. I am thankful to all the people who shared this meat with us and are thinking about people in need so far away.

“I always say that Allah sends me kind people to help.”

Aina (right) with her family’s qurbani meat.

Send the gift of qurbani with Islamic Relief

Qurbani costs vary by country, so we offer four options starting at just €60. Simply pick a group and we’ll make sure your qurbani gets to those who need it most:

  • Group A – €60
    Chad, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia
  • Group B – €90
    Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan
  • Group C – €190
    Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh (refugees from Myanmar), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya (Russian Federation),  Kosova, South Africa, Syria, the Philippines, Tunisia, Yemen
  • Group D – €300
    Gaza (Occupied Palestinian Territories), Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey (refugees from Syria)

Give the gift of joy to a family like Aina’s. Give qurbani with Islamic Relief now.