Amena, 38, Lebanon

We eat meat twice a month. It’s not fresh, but we try to cook it. I cannot afford to buy meat at the butcher’s shop, I always buy things on credit. We cannot find work in Lebanon, my teenage boys work here as day labourers but it’s not enough to cover our needs.

Having meat is part of a healthy diet, especially for the kids. The lack of it affects their ability to grow in healthy way.

We have a very low standard of living, we live in a tent which is surrounded by dust and it’s affecting our respiratory system. We do first aid here in the tent, I try to gain some basic medical skills to help neighbours as there is no hospital or clinic near us.

Eid now, is not like Eid was before. Before we used to meet with our friends and family, sit and eat together and the kids had a place to play.

Receiving a Qurbani meat pack is the best thing that has happened since we came to this camp. At least now we can eat some fresh meat and now owe money to the butcher. I am thankful for all the support.