In the family of Aminata Traore, there are 11 children. They live together with Aminata’s stepsisters in Bamako, Mali.

Since Aminata, 48, was widowed, she has been the sole breadwinner for the family, who share a mud house roofed with corrugated iron.

Animata benefits from orphan sponsorship as well as our yearly Ramadan distribution.

Animata benefits from orphan sponsorship as well as our yearly Ramadan distribution.

“I am facing housing problem, since I am living in a house which belongs to one of my late husband’s friends.” said Aminata. “We are using it until he needs it. I do not know what I will do if we are asked to leave it now.”

“My husband was not rich but he could afford the main family expenses. When I lost my husband, I did not have a job and I am not used to asking for charity. All the children had to leave school.”

For six years, Aminata struggled to provide for the family from her earnings growing and selling vegetables, but then one of her children joined the Islamic Relief orphan sponsorship scheme.

Now, she receives a regular allowance that helps meet the basic needs of her family. She also benefits from a range of other schemes for vulnerable families in Mali – including our Ramadan distribution.

“It was very difficult from me to provide my children with regular food. Farming was my only source of income before the sponsorship programme. Thanks to the sponsorship, my three youngest children are now attending school.

“Also thanks to the sponsorship, I receive a Ramadan food package which enables me to provide my children with food during the holy month. The packages are a great support to us during the month of Ramadan. They removed a great burden from my back.

“I thank all the donors throughout the world. I am very happy and grateful to them for all the things they are doing for us. May God reward them with the best rewards in this life and in the next.”