Amira is living in Alshouhada camp for internally displaced people with her young children, who range from two to seven years old.

She used to live in Aleppo, in north west Syria, but a barrel bomb struck her home, killing her husband, and destroying the home and shoe shop business they had worked so hard to build up.

The bomb fell while she was out of the house with the children, and when she heard what had happened she rushed home only to be greeted by chaos.

“I was told that a barrel bomb was dropped and destroyed our house and all our shops. I lost everything,” she said.

Life in the camp

The 37-year-old widow left home seeking shelter in one of the camps on the Turkish border. There they tried to adapt to living in a tent, and surviving from food and clothes aid.

“Life is so different. We used to live in a warm house. My husband was very hard working and we could afford what we needed,” she added.

She was given some money and used it to buy warmer clothes for her children, but she is worried about keeping them warm over the winter. They do not have a plastic sheet to put over the tent to keep it watertight, and they need a heater, mattresses, and more winter clothes.

Islamic Relief is collecting funds to pay for gas heaters and cylinders, tarpaulin to block out the wind, blankets to help keep people warm, carpets and mattresses. Amira spoke to Islamic Relief about her situation when we visited the camp to deliver food parcels and hygiene kits.

“Our needs are increasing as winter comes,” she said. “Please do not forget us.”

You can help provide families like Amira’s with essential items for the winter months ahead. Donate to our Syria appeal today.