Arabi Gadam, 68, lives with his wife and five children in a village in Chad’s Amdam district. For Arabi and his family, hunger is a frequent reality.

“Food shortages are frequent in this area, because of poor rainfall,” said Arabi, when we met him last year during our annual Qurbani distribution. “Due to this, life is bitter for us. For people like me, it is hard. We suffered a lot through food shortage and lack of income.”

Arabi dreams of a brighter future for his children, he told us.

“I want to support my children as best I can, for them to go to university, get good jobs and support themselves and live a better life.”

Struggling to provide for his family

Arabi inside his one-roomed thatched house.

Arabi inside his one-roomed thatched house.

However, the father-of-five, who has been generating a small income from handicrafts for ten years, struggles to provide for the basic needs of his family.

“I lack money to buy food. Due to my poverty, I do not have the means to celebrate Eid. I rely on what God-fearing people give me, as a share of meat. Meat is very expensive for poor people like me.”

But in 2013, Arabi received his first Qurbani meat package. One of 20,660 distributed by Islamic Relief in Chad last year, it contained five kilograms of meat – enough to provide his family with additional nourishment at Eid.

“This meat donation is very important for poor people like us. As a poor person, I cannot give my own Qurbani. I’m thankful to Islamic Relief and donors who support us with this meat. May Almighty God reward them all and increase their welfare in order to support other poor people in the world.”

Your donations last year meant that 103,000 poor people in Chad alone benefitted from Qurbani meat. In 2014, we want to reach many more people around the world. You can help: give Qurbani with Islamic Relief today.