Bilalagic Zarka is a widow and mother-of-three from Brijesce in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Last year, Bilalagic received a nine kilogram iftar foodpack to help provide meals for the family during Ramadan. We spoke to her at the time.

“I am 45 years old and a single mother, ever since I lost husband to a heart attack three years ago. I live here in Sarajevo with my three sons in a one-bedroomed house made of brick and wood.

“A typical day for me is one of caring and worrying for my children. My total income per month is 170 Euros, which is very little, considering the cost of living here. I try to save some money by growing vegetables for the family and we also have a few chickens.

“But my housing is poor as it is made of brick and wood which do not protect us much from the long winters in Bosnia. My neighbours help us by providing firewood and last winter Islamic Relief supported us with firewood too.

“We spend Ramadan fasting as a family. It is so nice to have my children beside me during the blessed days of Ramadan. Some people are rich because they have material possession, but my children are my wealth.

“My sons are very well-behaved and good, which makes our lives much easier, as they are not trouble-makers and I have no problems bringing them up.”

Last Ramadan, your donations provided 2,250 families in Bosnia with an iftar foodpack which lasted each family an average of 10 days. Each package contained rice, wholemeal flour, beans, oil, pasta, and tinned meat – as well as sugar, spices, dates, tomato puree and chocolate spread.

“Thank you to all the people who supported this project. May God bless you all and help you to continue your good work”.

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