Thousands of Syrian people have already been helped this winter with blankets, mattresses and plastic sheeting to keep out the cold.

Islamic Relief is running its Syria Winter Appeal to help support the hundreds of thousands of Syrian people living in camps as a result of conflict in their country.

Currently, nighttime temperatures average between 2-4C (35-39F), while heavy rain is seeping into their tents making it harder for them to keep dry and warm.

Nearly 41,000 blankets have so far been given out by Islamic Relief, along with nearly 3,000 mattresses and 3,500 sheets to block out the rain.

Losing everything

One of the recipients was Om Firdous, 44, who decided to leave her home because she wanted to ensure her eight children were safe.

She and her children, aged from two to 12, fled from Zita in north west Syria to Amta camp in Al-Bara’, 28 miles (45km) away.

“We fled our village to protect our kids. The overall situation is very difficult. At first, the number of tents wasn’t enough for all the refugees, so our children slept under the olive trees. When we first moved we lost everything,” she said.

Amta camp, where Abu Firdous and her family live.

Amta camp, where Om Firdous and her family live.

“My husband used to run a car hire business, and our house was warm, and well equipped to protect us from the rain and the bitter cold. We never felt the cold.

“Things have changed. We do not have a pair of winter shoes and whenever it started to rain, our tent filled up with water. We had to stay up late to dry our clothes. We urgently need winter clothes, shoes and heaters that work.

“Islamic Relief took the initiative to assist us, providing us with food parcels and plastic sheets for our tent. May Allah (SWT) generously reward you.”

Last week, heavy rain fell over Atma camp, and many had to relocate their tents to another area that was not so badly flooded.

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