Millions of Syrians who fled their homes in search of safety will struggle to stay warm this winter.

Last year, temperatures in the refugee camps bordering Syria fell below zero and many refugees had nothing more than makeshift tents to shelter them.

This winter, more than 3 million refugees and another 6.5 million internally displaced people will need humanitarian aid. As temperatures begin to fall and the nights start to draw in, they are worried about how they will cope this winter. Many have already been rocked by the four-year conflict that shows no signs of abating. Money raised through Islamic Relief Worldwide’s winter aid appeal helps pay for gas heaters, food and shelter that can bring them comfort during the harshest days and nights; for the oldest, youngest and weakest, this aid can be the difference between surviving the winter and not.

Sub-zero and harsh winds

Last year, the region saw the worst winter storm in 20 years. In December 2013, Snowstorm Alexa brought snow, bitter wind and sub-zero temperatures. Roads were blocked for five days, slowing emergency efforts to provide aid.

This year, work has already started to hand out tarpaulin to block the wind, and blankets to help keep people warm. We hope to distribute gas heaters and cylinders, blankets, winter clothes, carpets and mattresses, as well as the food vouchers that we give out all year.

Please help us to reach those who will struggle in the cold this winter; donate to our Syria appeal today.