Why your help is needed

Communities in India and Pakistan have been hit by devastating flash floods triggered by late-monsoon rains. Nearly 500 people died and millions were affected – with many without access to even basic services such as drinking water and sanitation.

In Pakistan, around 2.5 million people were affected in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Punjab, and Sindh. Altogether, floodwaters inundated over 3,100 villages and damaged almost 45,000 houses.

Around 50 per cent of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir was thought to be underwater. More than 450 villages were completely submerged, and at least 300 are totally cut off. In Srinagar city alone, seven million people were thought to be stranded. Over a dozen relief camps have been set up to offer emergency shelter to families uprooted by the floods.

Landslides wreaked water and electricity supplies, left roads inaccessible, and severed communications. Livelihoods – including over 1.7 million acres of farmland – have been devastated, and vital public infrastructure destroyed. In flood-affected areas, a significant rise in water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea has already been reported.

Though the waters are now gradually receding, it is expected that it may take weeks or even months to fully drain away. Many families remain at risk through the winter season.

At a glance

  • Nearly 500 people lost their lives
  • Millions are affected across two countries
  • Families without drinking water and electricity
  • Thousands of villages inundated with water
  • Tens of thousands of homes damaged
  • Swathes of farmland destroyed.