Give joy: Give qurbani with Islamic Relief and reach those who need it most this Eid al-Adha.

Every year, Islamic Relief distributes qurbani meat to some of the world’s poorest families.

For many, this was the only time they ate meat in the entire year.

With your help, this year we plan on carrying out 175, 000 qurbanis, which will benefit over 3 million people across the globe. 

Your donation will bring joy to those in need of support, and allow them to enjoy the blessed days of Eid free from worrying about how they will feed their families.

Donate today to give the joys of Eid

Qurbani costs vary by country, so we offer four options starting at just €60. Simply pick a group and we’ll make sure your qurbani gets to those who need it most.

Your qurbani options with Islamic Relief are:

  • Group A – $65
    Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia and Sudan
  • Group B – $105
    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan and Rohingya Refugees (in Bangladesh)
  • Group C – $185
    Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Africa, Syria and Yemen
  • Group D – $270
    Albania, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (Gaza), Syrian Refugees (in Turkey) and Tunisia

Give as many qurbani shares as you like.

Many people give qurbani for each member of their family, and in memory of loved ones that have passed away.

Donate today

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