Imran Madden, Islamic Relief’s Head of Humanitarian Department, reports on his time in conflict-torn Central African Republic (CAR).

I’ve met many people who are calling for help to end the catastrophic crisis and to build peace in their beloved country. The time for action is now.

Marie Therese, of the Protestant Organisation for Women

Marie Therese, of the Protestant Organisation for Women

“The crisis shocked us all. This was painful and difficult” – these are the words of Marie Therese, a strong woman and a member of the Protestant Organisation for Women. One million people have fled their homes. One million are now food-insecure.

There is no end to the conflict yet in sight, but the people here continue to nurture hope for a brighter future.

“We need help to reintegrate orphans into the community. We need vocational training – we have no schools, nothing to eat. The youth have nothing to occupy them. If women can be involved in income generation activities, this would help them enormously.”

The time is now to help those who continue to suffer in the conflict. The time is now to make sure vulnerable people can meet their basic needs. Now is also the time to begin building a future for CAR.

People here need a chance to work themselves out of poverty. They need peace. They need communities to work together to create lasting social change that ends the conflict and prevents this from ever happening again.

We can help.

As a humanitarian organisation, we can provide essentials such as food, water, shelter. An organisation inspired by Islamic values, we can also play a vital role by contributing to inter-faith initiatives to heal some of the deep divisions in this country.

We are all praying for peace. We are all determined to help. The time is now.

You can help us to provide vital humanitarian aid and to build peace – benefiting vulnerable people who remain in CAR and those who have fled the country. Please donate to our Appeal for the People of CAR today.