(Children celebrate Universal Children’s Day in Lebanon)


Why Child Protection?

Everyday around the world there are many victims of violence and abuse of different forms. Unfortunately, children are very often subject to exploitation, abuse, neglect and violent discipline, which are further exacerbated in time of crisis with little to no access to health and education. The safeguarding, protection and wellbeing of those we serve has been a core area of Islamic Relief’s work over the past 34 years. In working with vulnerable children of all ages and abilities around the world, Islamic Relief takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard children from all types of abuses. Working through families, community and faith leaders has been a critical factor in the development of preventative approaches when tackling harmful practices and strengthening local child protection systems.

Faith Inspired Approaches to Child Protection – Channels of Hope

Islamic Relief adopts a 10 guiding principles framework response approach to Child Protection. Guided by Quranic scripture that sets our actions and conduct towards all children as duty; ‘To raise our children with discipline that reflects Allah (SWT) mercy’ – Quran 25:74, 64:14), Channels of Hope was developed as a programme methodology that develops the capacity of faith communities to address child protection concerns especially difficult issues around harmful practices. CoH relies on scripture-based guiding principles, interactive activities and scientific/technical information to address the deep rooted causes of protection concerns in a safe and sensitive way whilst supporting vulnerable families by working through a child centred ecological model.


Channels of Hope – a joint initiative between World Vision and Islamic Relief aimed at changing social norms around the protection of children


IRW is piloting the Channels of Hope for Child Protection initiative in a number of countries, 3 of which are highlighted below:

1. Pakistan

2. Mali

3. Lebanon


From preventing abuse to promoting sustainable development and welfare of children, here are is a sample of IR’s child protection interventions across the globe.