Young children have been given uniforms, shoes, school bags, and stationery such as pens, pencils, and notebooks, to help at school.

The project reached around 3,000 children who were preparing for the new school year.

The children were all living in conflict-affected Gaza and, as a result of the conflict, some parents were unable to buy school equipment and faced having to end their children’s education.

Project coordinator Hasan Ouda said: “The aim of this project was to reduce the burden carried by Palestinian families who could not afford to buy new clothes for their children, especially those families who have three or more children.

“The project also helped create a sense of equality among children and their peers and to better integrate them into their local communities where every child starts the new school year with decent uniform and school bags.”

The goods given had been made nearby, so local manufacturers and suppliers were also supported through the scheme.

Day of fun

The child-friendly distribution of school kits was focused on the southern area of the Gaza strip. An area with stands was set up so children could be offered a variety of sizes and design choices to add to the day’s excitement. Games, entertainment and face painting made the day an even happier occasion for the children.

Children receiving their school bags

Children receiving their school bags

Among those helped were the Doraj family, who live in Beit Hanoun in north Gaza. Three generations of the family live together, making a total 25 people in five rooms with bad electricity and plumbing and limited access to food.

Dalal, who has four children, said she had planned to keep her children at home because she could not afford their school expenses.

“Islamic Relief gave them school bags and the equipment needed for them to complete their studies like other children. Now they can go to school.”

Islamic Relief works in Gaza supporting children in education and health. We also run empowerment projects for women, microcredit schemes and vocational training, among other projects.

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