Nearly 19,000 people affected by drought in Somalia now have access to clean, safe water thanks to an Islamic Relief project.

The scheme repaired hand pumps and dug shallow wells in 32 villages in the Galgadud State region, and also repaired two shallow wells in Benadir. We also chlorinated unprotected wells and other sources of unsafe water in order to prevent the spread of waterborne disease.

“Truly, we have been trying to get clean water for years,” explained mother-of-three Shamsa Ali Kulane, as she and her young son, Fahad, collected water from a well repaired by Islamic Relief. For four years, their neighbourhood in the Abdi Aziz district of Mogadishu had been without a functional well.

“There were no working wells for the community. Some of our children got sick because of the dirty and contaminated water we always drank. It is a great honour for the people of Abdi Aziz to get clean water through Islamic Relief. We thank the donors, and may Allah reward them in the hereafter.”

Altogether, 12,800 people are now have access to water through the scheme, which completed in November 2018. Local communities have been empowered to maintain their new facilities through water management committees formed by the project.

Islamic Relief has been working in Somalia since 2006, and now delivers transformative development projects and lifesaving humanitarian aid, including responding to the devastating impacts of drought in Somaliland and neighbouring Kenya.
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