Charity Week (22nd – 28th October) was set up by some volunteers in London 15 years ago and now thousands of people partake in events across the globe to raise money for people in need.

In 2017 over £1 million pounds was raised in a single week. All projects were entirely volunteer-led and involved thousands of people working together in schools, colleges, universities and other organisations. Events and projects were held in over 300 institutions in seven different countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, and the USA.

Muslims from a range of backgrounds, customs, and cultures come together on this week to help raise money for humanitarian causes. Since 2003, the money raised from Charity Week events have assisted people suffering from humanitarian disasters and supported sustainable development projects all over the world.

The amazing volunteers who run this campaign every year have helped it spread all over the globe. All of them united in the vision of assisting humanity. If their incredible work has inspired you then get involved! You can be part of something remarkable.