Dr Asmahan Al Badani, Islamic Relief’s nutrition coordinator in Hodeida, writes for Devex about how Yemen has changed after seven years of war and her disappointment at the lack of international attention…

Read the full article in Devex: Opinion: The international community must not abandon Yemen

“I spent my childhood in Hodeida, Yemen’s largest port city on the shore of the Red Sea, which is famous for its lively markets.  I still have such fond memories of my school, my friends, and all the happy times there.
Today, the place has changed beyond recognition.
It is no longer the safe and welcoming town where I grew up. Seven years of war have left their ugly mark on everything. There are checkpoints everywhere, restricting people’s movement. Poverty-stricken women and children are begging in the streets. Lines for fuel and food stretch for miles. Everyone is hungry and tired…
At a time when people are in such a desperate situation, it was hugely disappointing to see some international governments reduce their aid at a pledging conference for Yemen last month. Less than one-third of what’s needed was committed, and lives will be at risk as a result.
It is good to see the world coming together with such humanity over the crisis in Ukraine, but we hope for the same here. International aid has saved many lives in Yemen and it will be a tragedy if that does not continue.