Mother-of-three Djimiet Mahamat, 65, lives in the Am-Timan district of the Republic of Chad. A farmer, Djimiet struggles to grow enough crops to meet the needs of her family.

“I own a farm and my children also do labouring for other families,” Djimiet told us last year. “The crops, once harvested, are never much for our needs. The money earned by my children allows us buy other food items.”

Djimiet does not have enough money to establish other small scale enterprises that could improve her income and living conditions.

“It is disastrous because we’re working too hard but get little. If there are no laboring opportunities, we spend the night with an empty stomach because there is no food at home. It is really a big concern to me and my children.”

Ramadan is a time of joy for Djimiet and her family, but also increased hardship as the cost of food rises even higher than usual.

“During this month we hardly cope. We rely on the strict minimum of food available and eat mostly porridge, millet and sorghum food paste with vegetables.”

Last Ramadan, almost 4,000 poor families in Chad received an Islamic Relief food parcel. The packages included staples such as millet, beans, and cooking oil – as well as tea and dates. It made a big difference to Djimiet and her family.

“The distribution has a great impact in our diet. Today all my family is happy to have different kinds of food to break our fast and cope with our need for food. We’re delighted.”

This year, the power of your zakat can feed a family like Djimiet’s. Please donate to our Ramadan Appeal today.