This Earth Day, Islamic Relief’s senior policy advisor Jamie Williams connects the many crises facing the world with our fatal dependence on fossil fuel.

Jamie Williams, Senior Policy Advisor for Islamic Relief Worldwide

Earth Day this year focusses on our greatest threat: climate change.

And it is right to do so.

We are asked to unite to put aside the barriers erected by the ‘dirty fossil fuel economy with its old technologies of centuries past’ to create a modern economy that revives ‘the health of our planet, protects our species, and provides opportunities for all’.

But what of the turbulent troubles that are constantly demanding our attention instead? War in Ukraine, hunger in Yemen and Afghanistan, the worldwide devastation wrought by Covid, and soaring prices putting essential goods out of the reach of billions, to give some examples.

What of the more insidious effects of increasing inequality, as the gulf between the world’s poorest and the richest people grows ever wider?

Rather than being separate, these crises are connected.

This Earth Day, we need to recognise that they are a product of the same archaic, fossil fuel economy. Coal, oil and gas are driving global heating and, in turn, fuelling war, disease, hunger and destruction.

And the path to resolution and recovery is the same: sweeping away our dependence on climate-destroying energy, to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all.

The expansion of new coal, oil and gas production must end, fossil fuels must be equitably phased-out, and a just transition to 100% access to renewable energy globally is vital.

Today, Join Islamic Relief – along with humanitarian and religious leaders, organisations and people worldwide – in endorsing the call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty to help achieve this.

Throughout the year Islamic Relief joins together with people, businesses and government in over 15 countries to ensure that the poorest and most marginalised people are able to build their resilience and reduce their vulnerability to climate breakdown.

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