Healthy and hygienic meat is being provided to Dhaka residents through an eco-friendly abattoir, thanks to Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief renovated an existing slaughterhouse, which now manages around 100 animals a day and supplies enough meat to feed about 200,000 people.

It includes a bio-gas plant to turn animal droppings into energy, which is used to light the slaughterhouse, and a rainwater harvesting plant to make best use of natural water.

Opening of the abattoir

Opening of the abattoir

The abattoir was opened in a special ceremony attended by local dignitaries; administrator Rakhal Chandra Barman, health officer Brigadier General AKM Masud Ahsan, and engineer Dr Tarik Bin Yousuf, all from the Dhaka North City Corporation.

Speaking at the event, chief guest Mr. Rakhal Chandra Barman said: “The newly-introduced slaughterhouse will reduce environment pollution caused by unhygienic slaughter of animals in the city, especially during Eid-al-Adha, and will also create the opportunity to export meat from Bangladesh.”

S.M Mutakabbirul Haque, programme coordinator for Islamic Relief Bangladesh, said: “The abattoir houses in the Dhaka city corporation (DCC) area are currently being used in such a way that the waste coming from them is polluting the surrounding environment.

“This facility is ensuring the safe, clean and hygienic slaughter of animals in an environmentally-friendly way.”

Islamic Relief’s Bangladesh country director Shabel Firuz highlighted the important link between the long-term welfare of the local population and environmental sustainability.

The work was part of a wider programme helping people live in a way that helps protect the environment. Other elements of the project include the installation of solar powered lights.