In rural Chechnya widespread unemployment, low wages and a lack of social support mean many people struggle to provide for their families. Islamic Relief projects in the area are helping vulnerable 188 families earn a sustainable living and provide for their children, without having to rely on support from others.

The projects involve providing families with cows, poultry and fodder, with the aim that they will rear the animals and sell the produce for profit.

Zaira’s story

“When my husband was 17 years old, like many other youngsters he used to go and collect scrap metal which he sold to feed his family. One day he stepped on a land mine. In the explosion, he lost his left leg and part of his intestines were damaged. Since then, he has been in poor health and unable to work”, says mother-of-4 Zaira from Kirova, Chechnya.

“Since that time, he has undergone around 30 operations”, says Zaira, explaining how her husband’s medical expenses coupled with their lack of income plunged the family into debt.

Then, Zaira was selected to take part in Islamic Relief’s project and was given a cow from which she now earns a living.

Using the cow’s milk, she now produces and sells cottage cheese, sour cream and other diary items. She can now afford to provide a healthy, balanced diet to her four children.

Supporting Yaseeta

“I live with my husband and 3 of my children. My husband is visually impaired and cannot work. He can only support us through useful advice and moral encouragement”, says 60-year-old Yaseeta from Samashki, Chechnya.

“Our only source of income comes from our pension, which does not cover the cost of our living expenses. We live on around half of what we need to survive, and everyday life can be a struggle.”

Islamic Relief provided Yaseeta’s family with some chickens which they are rearing, and selling the eggs.

“It isn’t easy taking care of the chickens, feeding them enough and on time and treating their diseases, but I forget about all the difficulties when I see them running to me happily for another helping of feed. This feeling cannot be compared to anything!”, says Yaseeta.

The chickens provided by Islamic Relief have helped give the family a reliable source of income and have improved their diets. They can now cook dishes made with chicken, and enjoy eggs for breakfast.

“I would encourage other people living in the countryside to breed poultry, because this is the kind of farming that not only brings food to your tables but also brings joy and comfort to your heart.

“The project is helping myself and other vulnerable families a lot”, says Yeseeta.

Around the globe, Islamic Relief helps to create new sustainable livelihoods, so families can lift themselves out of poverty and become self-reliant. We distribute cash grants and interest-free loans so people can start their own small businesses, as well as providing them with the training and equipment needed to succeed.

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