Islamic Relief has provided food to more than 385,000 people in Yemen.

The Yemen Crisis Appeal has helped to raise essential emergency funds to support families and individuals who have been affected by the recent conflict in Yemen. Our staff in Yemen have provided food rations to people affected from Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Lahj, Amran, Hodeida, Marib and Dhamar governorates, which are in the central and southern parts of Yemen. Among those we have reached are 12,000 internally-displaced persons (IDPs) in a camp in Haradh.

Most of the hospitals are overcrowded with people affected by the conflict. We have provided trauma kits, including antibiotics, bandages and pain relief medication to three selected hospitals in Aden with support of health authorities. In coming few days, we are preparing to provide more medical input to hospitals in Taiz and Aden. Along with Unicef and UNHCR, we are also planning to provide food, water and shelter to 400 IDPs who have recently fled Sa’ada and are living in Khamer district.

Water for thousands of families

Islamic Relief is planning to install 20 fixed water tanks in Taiz and Aden cities. These include locations such as schools, public buildings and hospitals, and each tank will hold 8,000 litres of water, which will provide water to around 5,000 families each month.

The tanks will be supplied with drinking water brought from nearby places by water trucks. An agreement will be signed with Local Water Corporation, which is the government arm responsible for water and environment in Yemen. The Local Water Corporation will support the project including the continuous supply of clean drinking water to the tanks in Aden and Taiz governorates.

The conflict in Yemen intensified in the last few days of March 2015. Currently, around 350,000 people have been displaced by the conflict and there is a severe shortage of fuel and other supplies, including food and medicine, across the country. Islamic Relief is helping meet some of the acute needs amidst this crisis.

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