Originally from Barundi, Faida Kayembe now lives with her family in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Determined to escape crippling poverty in their country of origin, the family-of-eight have no legal status in South Africa.

“We cannot get any decent jobs because we don’t have identification [papers],” said Faida, 31. “My family doesn’t have enough money, but by the grace of God, we survive. It is difficult to get enough food. Food is really expensive.”

For Faida, Ramadan is a spiritually uplifting time and as such provides a reprieve from the hardships she faces.

“I spend the month of Ramadan in prayers and devotion with much time to mediate and read the holy Qur’an. I celebrate Eid simply by thanking God for keeping me strong in the holy month.”

Last Ramadan, Faida and her family became one of 1,811 households in South Africa to receive an Islamic Relief foodpack.

“The distribution helps us to focus on God during Ramadan, and not worry about food,” she told us as she collected her parcel, which was filled with treats such as custard, milk, sweets, and jam – as well as essential items including washing powder and soap.

“I think this will last us for the whole month. My children won’t go to bed hungry this Ramadan!

“We want to say JazakAllah Khair to the donors and ask God to bless them so that they can continue to support people like us. Ameen.”

Ease hunger and hardship for your wider family around the world this blessed month: donate to our Ramadan appeal now.