“Ramadan is my favourite time of the year,” says 11-year-old Faizah in Indonesia.

“But we often don’t have anything to eat for suhoor and iftar, which really worries my mother.

“Since my father died, my mother has been the backbone of the family.

“She makes meatballs and sells them in the village every day to help pay for our food and school fees and also washes clothes for rich people in the next village.

“She even borrowed money to help build our house so we could live together as a family.

“I try my best to help my mother, so after school I will come home and help make the seasonings for the meatballs.

“The price of food increases during this month which makes it very difficult for us to buy things.

“Even though I don’t eat suhoor, I will still fast the next day as it is a must for us.”

With your support, this Ramadan we hope to deliver 2,796 food parcels in Indonesia to reach 13,980 people like Faizah and her family.

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