Since fleeing conflict-torn Central African Republic, Fanne Mahamat Birre, has lived with her family in a refugee camp in southern Chad.

“Since the conflict [in the Central African Republic] started, forcing us to flee the country, all our worries are about our children, how to find food, proper water to drink, and health issues,” said the mother-of-six when we met her in Danamadja camp in Goré.

With her savings almost exhausted, Fanne, 35, and her family struggle to secure food.

“This is a big change compared to former times, when our situation was still stable. Most of the time we cook a soup made of plants. In the small space at the back of our tent we grow a small quantity of sweet potatoes and other vegetables.”

At Ramadan, the scarcity of food bites especially deeply, she told us.

“Since I am here in Danamadja camp, especially in Ramadan, I have never had enough food. Sometimes I have gone two days not eating – only drinking tea.

“This is the most difficult season that I ever had in my life. It will be etched into the memories of the children. Just imagine, someone should fast all day – and at the end there is nothing to eat? This is a test from God!”

Give relief from hunger at Ramadan

Fanne's children unpack the food parcel outside their tent.

Fanne’s children unpack the food parcel outside their tent.

Fanne received one of over 14,600 family food parcels distributed by Islamic Relief Chad last Ramadan. Packed with essential staples including beans, millet, sugar, tea, cooking oil and dates, the 19.60 kilogramme packs enabled poor families to break their fasts and enjoy nutritious iftars. More than 73,200 people benefitted.

“When for the first time I saw the vehicles full of food, I thanked God. This is a dream for me, because it is the first time I received such a package consisting of all these food items. The Ramadan package that I received will help my family, for sure. I can use it for four days.

“We rely on humanitarian organisations like Islamic Relief Chad, God willing. This is a real humanitarian organisation – not just in name, but in action.”

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