Fanta, 38, Mali

I used to sell millet cake, but the smoke from making it made me sick all the time. Now I sell traditional medicine in the market. It is with that I earn money to buy rice and vegetables to cook for my children.

We don’t eat meat every day in our meals, it is not affordable! Some days I don’t even have enough money for rice let alone meat. Some days, when I earn a little more money, I like to buy some meat because I know that that children enjoy eating it.

Meat is full of vitamins, it is good for the development of the body. Children crave it and it makes them happy when they get to eat it. The day I cook meat they say: “Mum, we’re so happy we cooked meat today!”

I don’t earn much and I have to cope with what I get. I swear by Allah, I don’t even have a grain of rice in my house right now. Eid is meant to be a happy day, a day to enjoy nice food with your children and be happy. To eat meat along with rice to your heart’s content.

When children see this Qurbani meat they become so excited. We can spend a few days enjoying it by cooking it bit by bit. When my husband passed away, my neighbour told me about Islamic Relief and how they can help sponsor my children and thanks to that I was able to send them to school.

We would like to thank all the people who donate from the bottom of our hearts. May Allah reward them all.