Islamic Relief Tunisia (IRT) is working in some of the most arid reagions of the country to help provide vulnerable people with a livelihood.

The Kebili province in the south-west of the country is known for it’s saharan climate, it’s a place where farming is difficult. Local agriculture has been hurt by lack of irrigation, bad weather, and poor equipment.

Local agriculture is dependant on irrigation and greenhouses. Islamic Relief rehabilitated greenhouses for 276 people after sandstorms hit the region in the winter of 2014.

The successful implemetnation of this project encouraged the development of a second phase. In the second phase 66 greenhouse owners in Istefimi and Limagues were identified as being in need of some assistance. Many farmers in this region lost their ability to generate income due to the high level of salinity in their main water source, a deep well. They could not afford any other loans and were already in debt.

IRT studied the area in close coordiantion with a delegation representing regional agriculture and technical agencies. A new well and water circuit was established, and IRT provided funding to help the farmers rebuild their greenhouses. Our team also provided seedlings, fertilisers, insect-proof nets and vocational training.

By mid- August 2017 the targeted farms had been reahbilitated and were producing food. The creation of a new water well has guaranteed a sustainable, income-generating resource for Saharan communities and ensured they don’t have to migrate to the cities in order to earn a living.


Some words from one of our beneficiaries:

“Thank God. Thanks to this new well, we are here for work again. Without establishing this new well we would leave the region as there would be no other source for our farms. Hopefully, the water is warm enough to heat-up the greenhouses. We are happy to rejoin the prodution cycle.”

Mongi Guedri, Head of Department in the Regional Delegation of Kebili:

“We contacted Islamic Relief to provide the relevant equipment for the new well. The organisation promptly provided the electric generator, the water pipes and the electric pump. We are very thankful to the organisation for also rehabilitating the farmers green houses.”