Fatuma Ali, 60, lives in Moyale, Ethiopia. She has been guardian her two young grandchildren since their parents died. Visually-impaired and with no income, Fatuma depends on the kindness of those around her.

Without relatives to support her, Fatuma has no money to send the children to school. She needs her neighbours to help her cook and clean her one-roomed house, where they share a communal latrine with more than ten other families.

She also relies on the community for food – and it is a constant worry. The Islamic Relief food pack that she received last Ramadan provided welcome relief.

“We will have relief for the coming seven days,” she told us as she collected her parcel. “My neighbours also get relief too since we have been a burden to them for a long time.”

The food parcel – one of 750 distributed in her town – consisted of ten kilograms of flour, haricot beans, and cooking oil.

This Ramadan, the power of your zakat can provide relief from hunger for families like Fatuma’s: Donate to our Ramadan Appeal today.