Sara, a sponsored orphan in Bosnia

The last time that Sara Zumberi saw her father, she was four years old. Now a teenager, Sara lives with her mother and 15-year old brother in Bosnia’s capital city.

Her mother, a medical graduate, struggles alone in Sarajevo to provide for her children. The family regularly do not have enough to eat and sometimes cannot pay their rent.

“My husband walked out and never looked our way. I am their mother and their father,” said her mother, who has been unable to find employment. “I am cleaning houses, I am planting vegetables, I will do any honest job so I can give my children the essential things they need.”

In 2013, thirteen-year old Sara was diagnosed with abnormal uterine bleeding. She takes hormone therapy and other medicines. With no assistance from the government, it is hard to find the money for the treatment she needs. Islamic Relief is the only source of support for Sara and her family.

Giving up is not an option

“Before Islamic Relief, I was really lost. I thought it will never be better. You came in our lives when we were shattered. But now, even though no-one can erase my pain or remove my troubles, it is so much easier to breathe. There is no better gift than support when you need it the most.

“Giving up should never be an option. I have to be strong enough to overcome every new problem. I hope with God’s help and help of good people Sara will be a healthy girl again.”

Sara receives sponsorship through our orphans programme, and the family also benefit from a range of other Islamic Relief projects. They receive food at Ramadan, Qurbani meat, school stationary and firewood so they can heat their home in winter. Sara particularly enjoys the summer and winter schools, which Islamic Relief organises for orphaned children across the country.

“Everything is easier when you have someone beside you. I have no father but I have my mother and good people who will help us. Thanks to Islamic Relief, I had the opportunity to attend summer and winter school. That was amazing experience for me.”
Sara Zumberi, Sarajevo, Bosnia

“God sends people into our life for a purpose,” added her mother. “He sent Islamic Relief and Sara’s donor to make our life easier. Thank you for supporting me when we were abandoned by our own people and there was no one to help.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina is just one of the countries in which Islamic Relief provides a lifeline for vulnerable children, through our orphan sponsorship programme. Sara is amongst 38,000 children in 24 countries enrolled on the scheme.