Gazan girl drinks from water fountain

Islamic Relief has provided female-headed households in Gaza with water filtration systems. The reverse osmosis filtration units give 200 vulnerable families access to safe drinking water.

For the last few years, Gaza’s only aquifer has been over-pumped which has led to seawater intruding into the water system. Wastewater is improperly treated and fed back into Gaza’s sea. Tap water in coastal homes has an overbearing taste of sea salt.

Gazans are particularly at risk of the spread of disease due to the dense population, coupled with unsafe sewage systems and drinking water.

The filtration unit ensures that families using unclean water clean it of any contaminants before consuming it. In addition, each  household received house visits from specialists, to raise awareness about clean water and health and hygiene practices. Regular mutual support groups for participating families and neighbourhood meetings enabled participants to learn from one another and exchange ideas.

During the 2013 project, Islamic Relief also established 20 health clubs in schools around the coastal enclave. The clubs allow the children participating in this project, as well as their classmates, to learn about hygiene and ensuring they drink safe water.