Children in South Africa

Our awareness programme, Positive Living, is aimed at prevention, care and support for people living with HIV/Aids and gender based violence.

Islamic Relief South Africa encourages all orphaned children and their families to go for HIV testing.

We offer weekly support groups where the beneficiaries get moral support, education and encouragement to make a change in their lives that will improve their health status.

The HIV prevalence rate in Southern Africa is the highest in the world. Around 900 people die every day in South Africa due to AIDS related illnesses.

Islamic Relief South Africa also hosted a four day HIV/Aids capacity training workshop, in 2012. Participants included aid workers from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Mali, Chad, and Zimbabwe. The workshop was funded by UNFPA and equipped delegates to  deal with issues relating to HIV/Aids, gender based violence and sexual and reproductive health.

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