Indonesian fishermen

Islamic Relief is supporting fishing communities in Indonesia. Since 2010, we have been running a fishing support project in Sinkil and Simeulue.

Last year, we extended the project to support the long-term sustainability of the project, so that the community will be able to sustain improved fishing methods.

We have built sustainable fish nurseries, provided feed for grouper fish, and established fish cooperatives as well as links with local and regional markets. We have also provided a generator and established fishing groups for local fishermen and women.

In addition, we have:

  • Constructed a fishing jetty on Haloban Island
  • Provided over 100 deep and shallow fishing devices
  • Repaired 24 boats and 45 offshore cultivation systems
  • Restored two sections of an ice storage warehouse
  • Trained fishermen in different fishing skills and
  • Began breeding grouper fish.

This project was funded by Multi Donor Fund (MDF) as part of the Aceh development scheme, which aims to reduce poverty by offering sustainable economic support and skills for local livelihoods.