Islamic Relief is helping Haitian students whose lives were turned upside-down by the 2010 earthquake, to come to terms with their trauma.

As part of our programme to rebuild and repair schools that were damaged by the catastrophic tremor, we held a unique event at Jacques 1er school in 2013. Students here were left traumatised by the quake, which killed teachers and fellow classmates as well as severely damaging the school building.

Processing thoughts and emotions

Students help to decorate their school

Students help to decorate their school

The event saw four artists supporting dozens of students to decorate the interior walls of their school – which Islamic Relief has been repairing. The young people were able to process their thoughts and emotions, producing artwork for the walls. The healing process also aimed to recapture the essence of their school.

Sixty enthusiastic students, with their renowned ‘joie de vivre!’, took part. Their thought-provoking ideas ranged from purity, nature, serenity, and victory.

Jacques 1er school has undergone significant transformation through Islamic Relief’s comprehensive programme. Sixteen classrooms have been repaired, and we have restored and improved the school’s sanitation block. School gates have been brought back into use for increased safety and security.