Refugees in Tunisia have learned how to prevent accidents in the home, as well as first aid, in training organised by Islamic Relief.

Held in southern Tunisia earlier this month, the day-long session was delivered in cooperation with the Civil Protection Association. In total, 82 people took part in the training, which was aimed at refugees, asylum seekers and local people.

The interactive day focussed on preventing accidents in the home and also covered basic first aid. Topics included preventing and responding to suffocation and food poisoning. Participants learned about the importance of the recovery position, how to assist people with fractured bones, and methods to safely extinguish household fires.

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The training was funded by the UNHCR, and is among a range of initiatives delivered by Islamic Relief in Tunisia. Last year, we teamed up with the UNHCR to help 49 refugee children to integrate into their new lives – helping them enroll in local schools, providing stationery and extra tuition, and giving them opportunities to make new friends.

Islamic Relief projects in Tunisia include livelihoods support, school feeding, health and capacity-building.