Islamic Relief is supporting communities in Bosnia after severe flash flooding struck on 4 November.  The flooding has caused widespread devastation to homes and buildings, leaving families highly vulnerable and in need of aid.

Hundreds of families in Sarajevo and in the south-western part of the country had no choice but to evacuate their homes as roads were submerged by flood water. These families have been left without shelter and food as flooding devastates their towns.

The disaster has also caused major power cuts across the capital, disrupting schools, hospitals and offices, as well as forcing many to evacuate their homes and causing severe traffic blockages.

To make matters worse, the floods have severely damaged the only plant providing oxygen cylinders to hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients, posing a threat to their treatment and survival.

Islamic Relief’s support

Islamic Relief are working with local governments to ensure that evacuated residents receive food, water, hygiene items and bedding.

We are also providing desperately needed clean drinking water to around 600 affected families, by distributing of 1,200 5 litre water bottles. Alongside water, we’re giving families emergency food packs containing essential staples to last 2 days.

With the floods and power outages expected to continue in the coming days, we urgently need your help to support families affected: Please donate to our Global Emergencies Fund.