The situation in Somaliland’s makeshift camps is desperate.

They’ve walked miles in search of water and found nothing at the end.

Now hundreds of hungry people, with no food to fuel their onward journey, have gathered together to wait for aid to arrive.

Camps have emerged along the border of Ethiopia and Somaliland with sprawling masses of tents made from sticks in the ground, covered with strips of fabric.

Mohammed Omar, 79, has watched 140 of his goats die, leaving him with just 10. Of his 70 cows, only one remains.

His wife was too ill to make the journey so he was forced to leave her behind with their six-year-old son.

Mohammed is among 1,200 people at Quljeed camp. It’s estimated they’ve lost 5,000 animals between them.

“I have nothing to go back to anywhere.”

Khadra, 30, sits with her one-year-old baby, Ahmed, using her headscarf to shield him from the sun.

Her husband died a year ago after contracting pneumonia and she has walked 30km with Ahmed in search of food and water.

All her animals have died.

She says: “I have nothing to lay on the ground and no sheets to cover us.

“I have nothing to go back to anywhere. Ahmed is my only concern. He has flu from being exposed to the elements.

“I breastfeed him but it’s not enough as we are both malnourished.”

Makka Omar FahalMakka Omar Fahal clutches her five-year-old granddaughter, Amina, who is paralysed and can’t talk.

The drought has killed every one of Makka’s animals.

Her extended family is living in the camp with no food to eat and no shelter from the sun or erratic torrential rains.

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