As the humanitarian situation inside Gaza continues to deteriorate, Islamic Relief is once again tackling anaemia and malnutrition amongst children.

According to the World Food Programme, more than 1.3 million people in the Occupied Palestinian Territories cannot meet their basic food and household needs. In Gaza, where malnutrition rates are already at alarming levels, the continuing blockade is pushing many families deeper into poverty – putting sufficient, nutritious food beyond their reach.

Around 50,000 Gazan children are malnourished, and nearly half of all children under the age of two suffer from anaemia.

Islamic Relief – which has been working in Gaza for almost 20 years – is currently improving the daily nutrition intake of pre-school children.

The latest project covers 18 of the most vulnerable pre-schools in Gaza city and in the north of the coastal enclave. For 90 days, it is providing 1,700 children with fortified milk and high-energy biscuits.

The locally produced supplies are also helping to boost the local economy.

Islamic Relief is also working with school principals, educators, and parents to increase understanding about good nutritional habits. Designed to promote long-term efforts to prevent malnutrition, our training includes identifying the symptoms of anaemia as well as showing families how to prepare nutritious, affordable meals.

Around 5,000 children benefitted from a similar project, which was delivered by Islamic Relief two years ago.