Friday 14th September 2018

Below is a joint statement to which Islamic Relief Worldwide has signed.

INGOs working in Yemen are extremely worried about the new advances of pro-government forces on Hodeidah and the closure of key routes between Hodeidah city and the north and east of the country. The humanitarian catastrophe that has been unfolding in al-Durayhimi and the south of Hodeidah governorate will likely spread to the rest of the governorate and trigger another wave of internally displaced persons. Nearly 470,000 people have already fled Hodeidah since June, fearing for their lives amidst airstrikes and fighting on the ground.

Audrey Crawford, DRC’s Country Director in Yemen says: “We are equally worried about the likely closure of the port of Hodeidah, through which 70% of supplies are shipped. With rates of malnutrition and disease running high, the port is a vital lifeline for millions of Yemenis who are dependent on aid.”

“Given the currency crisis and rapid increase of prices even for the most basic food supplies, the closure of the port, as well as transport routes from Hodeidah to other parts of the country, would have a devastating impact on the 17.8 million people in Yemen who are food insecure,” states Ephraim Palmero, Country Director of ADRA in Yemen. “This could lead to widespread famine.”

We urge all parties to the conflict to immediately stop the fighting in and around Hodeidah, and convene for consultations under the guidance of UNSE Martin Griffiths. There is no military solution to this war; the first step towards finding a political solution to the conflict must be taken now to protect the people of Yemen. Fighting and violence have devastating humanitarian consequences: displacement, disease, hunger and death, with children being amongst the most vulnerable to all of these. The people of Yemen cannot wait any longer for peace.


Signed by:


Adventist Development and Relief Agency Yemen

Care International

Danish Refugee Council

Handicap International

Islamic Relief Worldwide

International Rescue Committee


Mercy Corps

Norwegian Refugee Council


Relief International


Search for Common Ground

Save the Children