Over 1,300 orphaned children enjoyed a day of fun and games, organised last month by Islamic Relief Yemen.

Held in Yemen’s Sana’a district on 28 December, the open day event saw local children that are sponsored through Islamic Relief, coming together with their siblings and guardians. The event, which was filled with games for the children, was followed by a closing ceremony where children performed a play, poetry, and put on a fashion show.

Children received prizes for painting, singing, Qur’an memorization, crafts, as well as academic performance. After the ceremony, participants visited an exhibition where the children showed off their talent in a series of paintings, which express their feelings towards their country, family, friends, and hopes for the future.

“This is the first time my daughters had the chance to participate in a day like this,” said Afrah Hussein, 35, a lone parent of six children. “They were very happy and they enjoyed the games. I am very pleased that there are still some people helping me to look after my kids”.

This month, around 1,500 orphaned children in the Aden district will enjoy another Islamic Relief open day.

Our Orphans & Child Welfare Programme in Yemen started in 2006. It has already sponsored over 1,400 orphaned children in Sana’a, Aden, Abyan, Lahj, Sa’ada and Taiz. Each child receives a monthly allowance of €26, to cover their basic needs and to support their schooling. Sponsored orphans and their families also benefit from other Islamic Relief programmes, including Ramadan food distributions and Qurbani meat, in kind donations and may also receive other items from their sponsors via the one-to-one scheme.