Children from 14 Tunisian schools have taken part in a ten day ‘peace camp’ run by Islamic Relief last month.

In total, 158 students joined the camp at the Tourist Scout Village on the coast of Monastir, where we offered a diverse range of learning activities in engaging settings. Sparking their creativity, painting and crafts workshops empowered children to express their feelings and ideas through art, whilst reading activities nurtured their imaginations. Youngsters also enjoyed individual and group swimming and water safety lessons, and learned to work together in kayaking classes.

A special theatrical play emphasised peace-building and cooperation, and dance and singing sessions encouraged the children to have fun and channel their energy positively. Games such as chess and dominoes helped develop their problem solving, decision-making and concentration skills.

Peace camp promoted good health, showing participants the importance of personal hygiene and a balanced diet – and motivated the children to look after the environment through regular cleaning campaigns.

Children also visited historical sites in the region, where they learned about architecture and history. As well as exploring traditional Tunisian handicrafts at the market, recreational trips included fun activities at popular parks.

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The summer camp, which took place between 17-27 August, is part of a two year Islamic Relief initiative to encourage learning through a programme of extracurricular activities. It is funded by ROTA and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.