Mother-of-six Ganbi Seini, 65, lives in Niger’s capital city, Niamey. As a widowed woman, Ganbi shoulders the responsibility of taking care of her family, but struggles to provide sufficient food.

“I sell fish to earn a living,” she told us last year. “Making ends meet is a serious issue for us. You know, fish can go rotten very quickly and we frequently have bad sales.”

The family mostly eat millet, corn or rice with beans. Sometimes they have other vegetables, fish or meat. Only rarely can they afford to eat fruit. Yet at Ramadan, she said, the need to secure a balanced diet becomes more important than ever. “We need more nutritious food to compensate for the effect of fasting on the body.”

Islamic Relief provides Ganbi and her family with support to meet their needs – not just during the holy month, but throughout the year.

“My child is in the orphan programme since 2006,” she said. The programme provides a regular stipend and enables her son to go to school. “I have received a Ramadan food pack every year since then.

Last year, Ganbi was amongst almost 33,900 people in Niger to benefit from a Ramadan food parcel. It contained 25kg of millet, as well as cooking oil and sugar.

“Thanks to God. This is food, food is highly appreciated here. It has allowed us to make provisions for some days and have a relatively good Ramadan month.”

This Ramadan, use the power of your zakat to help mothers like Ganbi to provide food for their family during the holy month. Please donate to our Ramadan Appeal today.