Islamic Relief Worldwide is publishing its gender pay gap data, as required under government regulations, to show the difference between the average hourly rate paid to men within the organisation and the average hourly rate paid to women. The mean gender pay gap for staff is 11% and the median gender pay gap is 22%.

Our gender pay gap is calculated using hourly pay data for UK staff who were employed on 5 April 2017. On this snapshot date 314 employees met the criteria, set out in the government guidance, for inclusion in our gender pay gap analysis this year. Of those employees, 214 were male (68%) and 100 (32%) were female.


Gender Reporting Stats 1 Gender Reporting Stats 2 Gender Reporting Stats 3 Gender Reporting Stats 4


Islamic Relief’s CEO, Naser Haghamed, believes that roles across the organisation need to be made more attractive to women.

“Islamic Relief welcomes gender pay gap reporting as an opportunity for positive progression, and is committed to doing all it can to ensure that women and men have equal opportunities at all levels.

“To close the pay gap, we will continue to scrutinise and adapt our policies and procedures and our overarching HR strategy to improve recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce; to ensure the development of all staff through personal development programmes and training, with particular emphasis on the management skills development and experience that are key to career advancement; and to address issues of flexible working and work-life balance.

“We have recently enhanced family-friendly provisions for all staff, including maternity pay, and we now have one of the best maternity packages in the NGO sector.”