Over 3 million people received qurbani meat through Islamic Relief last year, thanks to your support. This Eid al-Adha, we plan give even more joy worldwide.

Your qurbani helps vulnerable families at Eid

Among those we reached were Um Yousef and her small children, who live in dire conditions in northern Syria.

“I am a widow with two young children,” said the 36-year old, talking to Islamic Relief in an Idlib camp for those forced from their homes. “We have no breadwinner, we rely entirely on Allah for help.

“Almost everyone in this camp is suffering. The living conditions are bad, we can’t afford food, clothes or basic necessities.”

Um Yousef worries that poor nutrition is harming her children’s physical and mental growth. She was able to put aside that fear for a few days during the days of Eid, thanks to her 3kg package of qurbani meat.

Um Yousef cooking the qurbani meat she received through Islamic Relief last Eid.

“You can see people smiling again. People are happy they can receive some qurbani meat to share with their families.

“I cooked the meat and fed my children. We had not eaten meat for months. It was very tasty.”

Freedom from worry about how and what to eat

In Malawi, 43-year old Esnart also received a qurbani meat pack. As the family breadwinner, the mother-of-seven works hard carrying sand and water on construction sites.

But work is not always available and the little she earns doesn’t stretch far.

“When I get some money it’s usually just enough for vegetables,” said Esnart. “I cannot afford anything more than that.

“My children get fed up of eating the same thing all the time. It stresses me out. But there is nothing that I can do about it, and they end up sleeping on an empty stomach. Such is life and life goes on.”

Despite the hardships she faces, Dhul Hijjah remains a special time for Esnart, who spends her days fasting and feeling closer to God.

And the qurbani meat gave her welcome relief from her everyday worries.

“I am very grateful to be receiving a meat pack from Islamic Relief. My children will be able to eat this meat for a few days, with smiles on their faces.”

Esnart, who lives with her family in Malawi, preparing her qurbani meat last year.

Send the gift of qurbani with Islamic Relief

Last year Islamic Relief gave out nearly 538,000 family qurbani meat packs.

One of the largest international organisations carrying out qurbani, Islamic Relief has been running our qurbani programme for over 30 years. Our efficient, cost-effective and reliable process prioritises the most vulnerable families, animal welfare, quality and hygiene.

Give joy this Eid. Donate today so families can enjoy the blessed days free from worrying about how and what they will eat.